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Grow Lights

On this website we show you images and information about LED Lamps for indoor growing. You will find todays newest LED technology and how it works best for your plants. LED technology is the state of the art for your indoor greenhouse and medical or hobby plants. LED lighting is LOW IN HEAT and ENERGY SAVING.
There is also promotion of high ranking LED Lamps made in China,  like the newest APOLLO Series, MINI lamps and the hottest COB LIGHT. This website offers you information about some of the finest companies and Chinese factories, their products and how to contact for advice and sales.


Deze website bevat afbeeldingen en informatie over LED Lampen voor de binnenkweek. Je vindt hier alles over de nieuwste LED technieken en hoe dat voor jouw planten het beste werkt. LED technologie is moderne verlichtingstechniek voor je medische planten en hobbykweek. LED verlichting geeft GEEN HITTE en is ENERGIE ZUINIG.
Hier vind je ook promotie van de beste LED lampen die in China worden gemaakt, zoals de nieuwste versie van de bekende APOLLO Series, MINI LAMPEN en de Super COB lights.
Deze website biedt informatie over bedrijven en Chinese fabrieken, hun producten en hoe je direct contact kunt maken voor vragen of aankoop.

Wachs Lampe

Diese Seite zeigt Bilder und Beschreibungen der LED Lämpe für die Innengarten. Hier finden Sie alles über die neueste LED technology und wie diese am besten benützt wird für deine Pflänze. LED technologie ist die modernste Beleuchtungstechnik für deine Medizinale und Hobby Pflänze. LED Beleuchtung gibt WENIG HITZE ab und ist sehr ENERGY SPARSAM.
Hier findet man auch Werbung fur die beste LED Lampe in China gebaut, wie die neueste APOLLO Series, MINI Lampe und die super COB LIGHTS.
Diese webseite gibt informationen uber Firmen und Chinesische Fabriken, Ihre Produkten und wie man contact macht fur Fragen oder Kauf.

Lampe Horticole

Ici on montre des images et des informations sur les lampes LED pour la horti culture en intérieur. Vous trouverez toute technologie moderne de LED et comment il fonctionne le mieux pour vos plantes. La technologie LED c'est le lumiere moderne pour votre serre intérieur et les plantes médicales et de passe-temps. Éclairage LED est FAIBLE EN CHALEUR et ECONOMIQUE D'ENERGIE.
Il y aura aussi la promotion des meilleures lampes LED fabriqué en Chine, comme la nouvelle Série d'APOLLON, Amplis MINI et la lumière excellente de COB. Ce site vous donne des informations sur quelques des plus belles entreprises et usines Chinoises, leurs produits et comment contacter pour conseils et des ventes.

Lampara Creci

Este sitio contiene imágenes e información sobre bombillas LED para cultivo interior. Se encuentra hoy nueva tecnología de LED y cómo funciona mejor para sus plantas. Tecnología LED es la iluminación moderna para sus plantas medicinales y cría de hobby. Iluminación LED es BAJA EN CALOR y EFICIENCIA ENERGETICA. También habrá promoción de lámparas de LED 'made in China', como la más reciente serie de Apolo, MINI lámparas y la luz moderne de COB. Este sitio web le dará información sobre de las mejores empresas y fábricas chinas, sus productos y cómo ponerse en contacto para consulta y ventas.



LED the best choice for your plants

To grow, plants need water, nutrients and sunlight. Natural light can be replaced by growlights. For growing plants there are many kind of lighting technology; from classical HPS to the most advanced high tech LED innovations. Every year improvements are made and nowadays Chinese growlights reach the highest standards and are a guarantee for good results.


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A grow or plant light is an artificial electric light source to stimulate plant growth. It works by emitting an electromagnetic light spectrum appropriate for photosynthesis. Grow lights are used in applications where there is either no naturally occurring light or where supplemental light is required. They either attempt to provide a light spectrum similar to that of the sun, or to provide a spectrum that is more tailored to the needs of the specific plants being cultivated. Outdoor conditions are mimicked with varying colour, temperatures and spectral outputs from the grow light, as well as varying the lumen output (intensity) of the lamps.

The red and far red colors for example imitate the end of summertime. Depending on the type of plant being cultivated, the stage of cultivation (the germination/vegetative phase or the flowering/fruiting phase) and the photoperiod required by the plants, specific ranges of spectrum, luminous efficacy andcolour temperature are used for specific plants and time periods.
There are many kind of lights and of grow lamps. LED technology and new innovative lighting techniques offer best quality for growing indoor plants.




Getting the best lights for your plants is not easy. There are many companies to choose from. And innovations, developments and new inventions make better products all the time. On this site you find a lot of information about the different kinds of lamps, the used technology and some quality Chinese companies that manufacture these products. On the information pages About LED you can also find answers to many questionsand (FAQ) about grow lights.



Gerylove Juson  
Ledeast Lovely ETech TUNGHSU  




XING QI DIAN Opto Technology



The company of XQD runs a well performing factory for indoor lighting and grow LED. A professional team of designers constantly develops new products and applications.  

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Growlight Kweeklamp EU
Growlight Kweeklamp EU
Growlight Kweeklamp EU
Growlight Kweeklamp EU
Growlight Kweeklamp EU
Growlight Kweeklamp EU



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Tunghsu Group was founded in the 1990s and is now a large - a very large - high-tech enterprise group. It is engaged in five industries: optical display, PV, green building materials and equipment manufacturing. It is a pioneer developer of super energy-efficient lighting. The headquarters as wel as the Research & Development Centre are are located in Beijing, the capital of China.



Tunghsu Group consists of several companies and holdings with  in total over 15.000 employees. The large scale business involves equipment manufacturing, development of new high-tech products and investment in new industries. From 1998 Tunghsu Group focuses on (industrial) lighting and it has since developed several series of innovative Induction lamps. Based on this energy saving lightning technique for industrial purposes, their engineers evolved THE FORCE Series. These induction lamps are designed for the growth of plants. They are manufactured in red and in blue spectrum and also in a mix of both.


The Force Series

You can read more about Induction technology on the technical information pages ABOUT LED.

The Princess Series






Growlights are the main focus of Gerylove Technology. Products are made and designed for growing medical plants. The factory of this company covers 2000 square meters and employs about 500 workers. Geryloves aims at hobby growers and lovers of plants and herbs. The company promises good quality LEd for an affordable price. 



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Masters of LED

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Growlight Kweeklamp EU Lovely Technology



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The company of Ledeast has many years of experience in the research, design and development of LED lights for indoor gardens and greenhouses. It has a professional engineers team and a solid platform of experience and know-how. Ledeast Lighting is not only a supplier of lights, but also as a reliable partner for LED technologies in a wide range of lighting applications.

Since the company is stille doing research and development for newer and innovative products. Their business profile stands for trust in superior quality, innovative technology and superb service. 



In the range of Ledeast growlights, The Neptune is their pride and jewel. With double switches, remote controller type and neweste innovations like smart WIFI, this type of growlight offers the latest technology for growing Cannabis. etc. And this company will continue research and development of new products for even better future applications.

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growlight cannabis




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kweeklamp eu

E-Tech Industries Limited is delicated to cost effective solutions in design, manufacturing and sales of environmental-friendly, energy efficient and health-driven products. Main products include Air purifiers,Humidifiers, Ozone sterilizers and water purifiers.

In the range of LED plant light horticulture illumination, E-tech offers several series of grow lights. The catalogue of this company includse a whole range of lighting products: LED T5, LED T8 and very low energy Panels and LED Bars.



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Kweeklamp EU Growlight
Kweeklamp EU Growlight


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